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Boat Tour Information
Day Trip Start : 9am Adults: 20GBP per person
Day Trip Finish : 4pm Children : 10GBP per child
Moonlight Start/Finish : 8pm - Midnight Per Person : 20GBP per person
Beach Transport : 5GBP per person Drinks : Available-extra
Lunch : Yes Dinner : No
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Moonlight Cruise - When the full moon arises in the sky and the cliffs where the ancient Lykian Kings have been buried in their tombs for thousands of years you will board a boat at the river. The tour starts at about 8 pm at night from the harbour and cruises along the riverbed towards Koycegiz Lake. A Turkish Barbeque is provided on board and you can swim by the boat or dance and drink through the night to music. The cruise finishes around midnight but that's about the time the nightlife is really getting going in Dalyan.

Bakardi Cruise - Bakardi Bay is just south of Asi Bay between Dalyan and Sarigerme. A paradise for people who love nature. Swimming and snorkelling in the clean seawater of Bacardi Bay. And the best part of the trip is the barbeque prepared with traditional Turkish fare. Its lush meal with lots of spices. You will never ever regret having spent a day doing one of these boat trips. A very queit and very secluded beach more for nature lovers than sun-bathers who wish to lie on a beach chair in the sun. The clear aquamarine blue water is certainly inviting for those who would like to swim or snorkel.

Ekincik Cruise - Ekincik Bay is an excellent place to relax and take a break for swimming and sunbathing. After that you'll go to the underwater caves which is a really interesting place to go snorkeling. You will be awed at the fantastic beauty of these under water caves. You will also be able to enjoy a traditional Turkish barbeque on the beach during this tour as well. With a return to Dalyan at about 5 pm in the afternoon, it makes for a great day in the sun.

Sultaniye Mudbaths and Thermal Springs - The Sultaniye boat trip takes you to scenic Koycegiz Lake, located near Dalaman International Airport and within a convenient distance of both Fethiye and Marmaris, but closest to Dalyan, is well known for its natural hot springs and mud baths. The waters of Sultaniye are good for both bathing and drinking. The treatment consists of covering the body with a layer of mud and then soaking in the hot mineral water. You will spend hours at the Sultaniye mud baths, swim in Koycegiz Lake and enjoy a Turkish Barbeque on the boat.

Koycegiz Market Day Trip - The Koycegiz Market boat trip travels across the lake to Koycegiz. Old Koycegiz was once a thriving town on the south coast of Turkey. The original Koycegiz was owned by the Selcuk people before the Ottoman Empire in the 15th century. The people of Selcuk known as the 'Mentese Ogullari' were a very rich and owned land covering the area from Iztuzu Beach to the other side of the present Koycegiz.

The end came for this thriving people when an earthquake filled the valleys to create what is now Lake Koycegiz. Only half of the old town still exists. This area is now protected and the original descendants of the ''Mentese Ogullari'' occupy the dwellings.

Koycegiz Market boat trip travels on Lake Koycegiz over the area where half of Old Koycegiz once was. When you arrive in Koycegiz there is time to walk to the Pazar and shop with the locals that come here every Monday for the weekly market. A couple of hours later the boat leaves and goes back towards Dalyan with a stop at the Mud Baths and an onboard barbeque lunch before returning to the boat jetty at about 5 pm in the afternoon.

Beach Transfers - the boat trip to Iztuzu Beach only takes approximately 30 minutes, winding its way down the channel, through the rustling reeds to the open tip of the beach. Chaise lounges and beach umbrellas for rent are available at the beach, and cold drinks and snacks are available. A Turkish style barbeque will be served on the boat.

For a simple transport to the beach you use the public boats and then you can just jump onto any boat for your return journey. You will need to give your ticket to the returning boatman so that he will be paid. It's a fantastic way of travelling to Iztuzu Beach or up river to the Mud Baths. This is for those who simply desire transportation to the beach instead of traveling there by minibus.


- Men are afraid to rock the boat in which they hope to drift safely through life's currents, when, actually, the boat is stuck on a sandbar. They would be better off to rock the boat and try to shake it loose... Thomas Szasz

Extra Information
Included : Lunch : Tea : Guides :
Not Included : Breakfast : Dinner : Drinks :
Take Along : Wet Shoes : Sunglasses : Swimsuit :
Suggested : Camera : Sunhat : Bottled h20 :

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